Native Web

There are many popular web app frameworks out there. But if you’re building a website, like a blog, a portfolio or a company site, where do you start these days?

The cost

Most people will go with one of these big frameworks. One they are comfortable with. But at what cost? It…

There are countless ways to iterate through JS objects and arrays. Here’s how to do it in the simplest way, with ES6 and beyond, for each purpose.


Keys and values

Loop through keys and values of an object.


Loop through keys of an object.


Loop through values of an object.


Loop through an array.


If you want to return the items or the whole loop, you have to swap the forEach for a map. You can change it in any of the examples above, it will work as expected, and the result will be returned. A forEach will always return undefined.

Antoine Boulanger

Front-end Engineer.

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